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How does hardwood flooring compare to laminate for comfort and durability? How about carpet versus stone tile flooring for your kids or pets? Find out with our quick glance guide.

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  • Care
  • Susceptible to Moisture
  • Kids & Pets
  • Costs
  • Hardwood

    • Real hardwood has a rich finish and a timeless appeal that ages beautifully.
    • Still the most luxurious and prized flooring option with the highest resale value
    • All hardwoods can react to climate changes. Softer hardwoods can dent or scratch.
    • Yes
    • Use walk off mats at entryways and furniture pads. Sweep, dust mop or damp mop as needed.
    • Most hardwood floors today are surface sealed with urethane, polyurethane or polyacrylic and are stain and water-damage resistant. Other finishes are more susceptible to moisture damage.
    • Most hardwood is suitable for kids and pets, though some softer woods are more susceptible to scratches and gouges. Hardwood is a warmer hard flooring.
    • Hardwood flooring is on average, more expensive than either laminate or carpet flooring. Many factors influence cost, so don't assume it's out of your budget!
  • Carpet

    • Casual, family friendly to lush, rich and appealing, carpeting comes in a wide range of textures and colours.
    • Popular flooring choice to warm up a room, create a comfortable play area or soften a space.
    • Carpets are less durable and stain resistant in high traffic areas. May be unsuitable for pets and damp areas unless carefully selected.
    • A well maintained carpet will last at least 7 - 10 years.
    • Requires frequent vacuuming. Spills require immediate attention to reduce stains. Deep steam cleaning may be required periodically.
    • Dampness seeping through the floor, flooding and damp areas can cause long term damage and mold.
    • Very kid and pet friendly. Warm and soft for kids rooms and playrooms. Look for highly stain resistant brands.
    • The range is extremely broad, as are uses. If cost is important, we can find a durable, inexpensive option for you.
  • Laminate

    • Created with high resolution photography. Quality laminate is often mistaken for the real deal.
    • Durable, affordable, easy to maintain
    • Susceptible to moisture damage. May have a "hollow" sound. May be too cold for use in family rooms or basements.
    • Yes
    • Use mats at entryways, regularly sweep or vacuum, use floor protector for chairs and table legs. Damp mop with gentle cleaners as needed.
    • The core layer is easily damaged by excessive water and moisture. The top layer is resistant to spills but long term moisture can cause damage.
    • Difficult to scratch especially compared to hardwood, but susceptible to damage from spills and pet urine.
    • Laminate flooring is typically the least expensive way to install flooring that looks and feels like hardwood.
  • Tile

    • Ceramic and stone tiles are superior choices when a clean, distinct decor is needed.
    • Stunning natural beauty; extreme durability; wider range of design possibilities
    • Higher cost and more difficult to repair. Stone requires regular maintenance. Can be too cold and hard for some rooms.
    • Highly durable and resistant to damage.
    • Use mats and rugs in high traffic areas. Protect from scratches with furniture pads. Sweep and mop as needed. Some types of stone require regular sealing.
    • Water and stain resistant; however, some stones need to be sealed periodically to maintain a moisture and stain barrier.
    • Easy to maintain, but the floor will be hard and cold.
    • Ceramic and stone are premium floors and are, on average, more expensive both for the flooring and for installation. DIY stone installation is challenging.

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