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The right flooring can change the look and feel of any home.

Whether you want to create a kid friendly oasis or enhance a gourmet kitchen, think flooring first.

So how do you get the most out of your flooring investment? You ask an expert.

AC Flooring has decades of experience helping Saskatoon homeowners select flooring that suits their needs, even if it's not what they expected when they walked in our doors. You might think you want tile in your basement, but is it the right choice for how you plan to use it? That hardwood might be appealing, but what about moisture, pets, high traffic areas and maintenance? These are questions our sales staff can answer.

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The Right Flooring, Properly Installed.

Before you start seriously thinking about flooring, you might think that it will be a breeze to install. If you're enthusiastic about trying it yourself, we think that's great! We'll help out any way we can to make sure you have the right tools and right advice about how to do it properly.

However, once you've selected the proper flooring, you might suddenly rethink the DIY part of the project. That's no problem; we have in house installers with years of experience on a wide range of residential projects. We'll take care of all the scheduling, billing and materials - you just have to prep the room so we can get to work!

Interior Design Advice

Know you need flooring but no idea where to start? Book a design consultation with one of our interior designers and get some inspiration!

From colours, to style, to unique ideas that suit your budget, our designers can introduce you to the possibilities.

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Make the right flooring investment. AC Flooring can help.

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